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Pokemon Fanonical Teams

PKMN Master Trainer Red
PKMN Trainer Red by Marlenesstamps
025 - Pikachu by Marlenesstamps 131 - Lapras by Marlenesstamps 143 - Snorlax by Marlenesstamps
006 - Charizard by Marlenesstamps 003 - Venusaur by Marlenesstamps 009 - Blastoise by Marlenesstamps

PKMN Master Trainer Ethan
PKMN Trainer Ethan by Marlenesstamps
157 - Typhlosion by Marlenesstamps 424 - Ambipom by Marlenesstamps 172 - Pichu by Marlenesstamps
186 - Politoed by Marlenesstamps 192 - Sunflora by Marlenesstamps 185 - Sudowoodo by Marlenesstamps
250 - Ho-oh by Marlenesstamps

PKMN Master Trainer May
PKMN Trainer May by Marlenesstamps
301 - Delcatty by Marlenesstamps 257 - Blaziken by Marlenesstamps 312 - Minun by Marlenesstamps
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384 - Rayquaza by Marlenesstamps

PKMN Master Trainer Dawn
PKMN Trainer Dawn Pt by Marlenesstamps
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PKMN Master Trainer Hilbert
PKMN Trainer Black by Marlenesstamps
571 - Zoroark by Marlenesstamps 628 - Braviary by Marlenesstamps 596 - Glavantula by Marlenesstamps
500 - Emboar by Marlenesstamps 512 - Simisage by Marlenesstamps 565 - Carracosta by Marlenesstamps
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PKMN Master Trainer Nate
PKMN Trainer Nate by Marlenesstamps
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Zac Ceccoli
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So as of the last 24 hours, everyone has been going absolutely crazy over the big announcement for the release of Pokemon X Version and Pokemon Y Version, myself included. FUCK YEEEEESS!! Totally going for Fennekin!

    Anyway, with all of that going on and everyone pretty much finishing Pokemon Black 2 and White 2, I wanted to bring up something quite interesting going through my mind for the last few years with the Pokemon franchise. While it is true that the Pokemon games are meant to allow the players to customize their character (to an extent) and teams of Pokemon, what should the Pokemon teams be like for each generation if they were meant to be canonical (As in: what would the teams be if they were to be official for the Pokemon franchise)? Anyone who has played G/S/C, HG/SS, or B2/W2 knows that they gave an official team for the Generation 1 character, Pokemon Trainer Red. I've been trying to come up with ideas for what the characters and Pokemon teams would be like for the other generations.

   This is actually a subject that many Pokemon fans have discussed all over the Web, and I personally think that my teams have come the closest to what could actually be considered canonical (though I could be wrong). In an effort to be a little more active on DA, I'm hoping to get the ball rolling on a nice discussion over this topic. I have come up with my own fan canonical, or FANonical teams for Pokemon, and thought I'd share my ideas with everyone, and see what everyone thinks of them.

Generation 1 (the obvious one)

PKMN Master Trainer Red


Based on his name being Red, it fits if he is played in Pokemon FireRed.

Generation 2

PKMN Master Trainer Ethan

Typhlosion (Starter and ideal ace Pokemon based on EVERYWHERE on the Web)
Feraligatr (Starter)
Meganium (Starter)
Ampharos (Pretty much the best Electric-Type in Generation 2)
Donphan (Based on Ethan's appearence in the opening of one of the Pokemon movies)
Noctowl (Decent Flying-Type, and also based on Ash having him in the anime)

Since most people place him as the icon character for Pokemon Gold, he is played in Pokemon HG, and thusly gets Ho-oh first.

Generation 3

PKMN Master Trainer May (Based on the character in the anime)

Delcatty (based on May's Skitty in the anime)
Manectric (The hint of him in the opening sequence of Pokemon Emerald)
Swellow (good Flying-Type, and many other artists pair Swellow with May)
Blaziken (Starter and based on May's Torchic in the anime)
Sceptile (Starter)
Swampert (Starter)

Since the 3rd central version made for Gen 3 is Emerald Version, that is what is played, and May's iconic legendary Pokemon would be Rayquaza.

Generation 4

PKMN Master Trainer Dawn (Based on the character in the anime)

Lopunny (Based on Dawn's Buneary in the anime)
Togekiss (great Flying-Type and based on the anime Pokemon)
Pachirisu (good Electric-Type and based on the anime)
Empoleon (Starter and based on Dawn's Piplup in the anime)
Infernape (Starter)
Torterra (Starter)

Since the 3rd central version made for Gen 4 is Platinum Version, that is what is played, and Dawn's iconic legendary Pokemon would be Giratina, preferably in it's Origin Forme.

Generation 5

PKMN Master Trainer Hilbert (Based on the character in the Pokemon Manga)

Zoroark (Iconic B/W Pokemon, and many artists pair Hilbert with Zoroark)
Braviary (Great flying type, and based on the manga)
Galvantula (Great Electric-Type, and based on the manga)
Emboar (Starter, and makes sense based on which starters fit best with both his rivals)
Simisage (Monkey Pokemon based on which Monkeys his two rivals get)
Caracossta (Great Water-Type, and based on the manga)

Since the character is named Black in the manga, he is played in Pokemon Black, and would recieve Reshiram.

Generation 5-2

Pokemon Master Nate (Based on the animated trailer for B2/W2)

Lucario (Ace Pokemon shown in the animated trailer)
Arcanine (Shown in the animated trailer)
Flygon (Awesome flying pkmn and fits with Lucario and Arcanine as non-gen 5 Pokemon)
Emboar (Starter, and appears as his partner in the animated trailer)
Samurott (Starter, making up for not being in my B/W team)
Serperior (Starter, making up for not being in my B/W team)

Since the previous game I chose was Black, Black 2 only makes sense, and he would get Zekrom and Kyurem to make Black Kyurem.

So that's what I've cpme up with, but I would love to read your comments on what I have or what you think should be there, so please leave comments so we can actually get a good discussion going over this.

Thanks for reading!

*zeofox713 :iconzeofox713:

Has anyone seen my previous journal entry about my character Zeo Fox? I've gotten no comments on it in the past week, and I'm just trying to figure out why that is. Was it that bad of an entry, or did no one just see it. It's not all that important, but it's be nice to know.

Thanks again!

Which Pokemon X/Y Starter is your favorite? 

12 deviants said Fennekin (Fire)
1 deviant said Chespin (Grass)
No deviants said Froakie (Water)
No deviants said Other (*comment*)



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Feniiku Apr 16, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Hey there, I discovered this banner at the top of my videos tab on my kindle. It appears to be your old Sonic X style Sonic Underground wallpaper. [link]
I don't know if you're aware of this already, so I felt I should inform you regardless.
Holy SHIT!! :omg:

I had no idea about this at all! I honestly don't know whether to be flattered or insulted!

In any case, I didn't give permission for this, and I had no prior knowledge to it. At this point, I don't know if it even really seems to be a real problem for me.

Then again, I did say in the artist's comments that it was free for anyone to download the wallpaper, but I'm not sure if that really apply to this.

Anyway, thanks for letting me know. :)
Feniiku Apr 18, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Not a problem :)
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